NSW Y12 Maths - Standard 2

New South Wales Year 12 Standard 2 Maths Topics

Below are the topics that sit within New South Wales Year 12 Standard 2 mathematics. When you click on a certain topic, you will be take to all the subtopics.


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Syllabus Overview - Y12 Maths Standard 2


Following on from year 11 Standard, we are following on with Algebra, involving the use of symbols to represent numbers or quantities and to express relationships. Algebra is an essential tool in problem solving through the solution of equations, graphing of relationships and modelling with functions.

Modelling of problems conceptually allows you to break down the problem and solve smaller parts. After understanding the components,  you will then be able to solve a lot more complex and practical problems. Year 12 Standard 2 will allow you to build your problem solving skills that are very valuable for after school has finished. 


Take your year 11 skills, solve real life and practical problems relating to measurement. We will be focusing on daily situations involving rates and ratios, such as speed and the interpretation of maps and plans, effectively in a variety of situations.

The study of measurement is important for developing your skills to solve problems, both in 2 and 3 dimensions. 

Financial Mathematics

You know what - more money! We extend your knowledge on the applications of money, earning, spending, investing, saving and borrowing money. In the real world, you need to analyse different financial situations and pick the best that suits your own personal circumstances. 

You will have the skills to make informed financial decisions and be aware of the consequences of these decisions that you make and manage your personal finances going forward. While not in the course, you will soon realise how important your credit rating is to personal finances and borrowing capability in the years to come. 

Statistical Analysis

If you have not comprehended the year 11 statistical analysis, you may find this topic challenging. In year 12, you will continue to be involved with the collection, display, analysis and interpretation of data to identify and communicate key information.

Understanding statistical analysis enables you to carefully interpret different situations that arise and give you awareness of decisions to make. You will also be able to understand the possibility of misrepresentation of information and its consequences. 

This sections will give you appreciation of how conclusions are drawn from data. This leads to data being used to inform decisions in the real world, for both individuals, businesses and governments. 


Networks is relatively new to the year 12 standard 2 course. Networks involves the graphical representation of situations which can lead to better decisions being made. It uses a logical sequence for have a clear understanding of connections between people or items. 

Studying networks allows you to interpret and understand a connection of sequences or tasks as a concise diagram to solve sometimes very complex problems. 

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