NSWHSC Maths - Standard

Trial and HSC Study Tips - Standard 2 Maths

Step 1: Download and complete ALL the Diagnostic Quizzes for each topic in both year 11 and 12.

  • Why? This will give you an idea of which topics you are weak in and can do some additional practice - efficient study. Each diagnostic quiz should take about 15-20 minutes.
  • We will recommend areas that you should practice based on your results of the diagnostics. Do these recommendations and practice questions.

Year 11 Diagnostics

Click on the link and download or complete the diagnostic quiz online.

Year 11 - Earning and Managing Money
Year 11 - Formulae and Equations
Year 11 - Measurement And Energy
Year 11 - Relative Frequency and Probability
Year 11 - Perimeter, Area, Volume
Year 11 - Classifying Data
Year 11 - Linear Relationships
Year 11 - Interest and Depreciation
Year 11 - Exploring and Describing Data
Year 11 - Time
Year 11 - Budgeting

Year 12 Diagnostics

Click on the link and download or complete the diagnostic quiz online.

Year 12 - Rates and Ratios
Year 12 - Networks
Year 12 - Investments and Loans
Year 12 - Non-Right Angled Trigonometry
Year 12 - Simultaneous Equations
Year 12 - Bivariant Data Analysis
Year 12 - Annuities
Year 12 - Non-Linear Relationships
Year 12 - Normal Distribution
Year 12 - Critical Path Analysis

Step 2: Complete the Practice HSC Papers and enter the results online.

  • Why? Doing these practice papers will give you an idea of the HSC. Not only that, we tell you where you went wrong and you can go and practice similar questions at the click of a button

Step 3: Go and practice the additional questions that is recommended by Class Mathematics. 

  • Why? We are identifying where you are struggling and pointing you in the right direction for additional practice

Step 4: Go back to step 2 and repeat (and repeat and repeat)

  • Why? You should aim to do anywhere between 5-10 practice papers as this will help you cover pretty much everything

Welcome to the Standard 2 HSC section of the Class Mathematics website. Here you will find all the resources for preparing and studying for the Standard 2 HSC: 

  1. Past Standard 2 HSC Papers - Look at the past NSW Past HSC Papers as they were. We have infact, removed all the non-relevant content that is no longer in the course. 
  2. Past Standard 2 HSC Questions by Topic - Practice specific topics and sub topics when it comes to practicing questions for the HSC
  3. Practice Standard 2 HSC Papers - Class Mathematics has put numerous practice HSC papers for you to do additional practice on. 

Class Mathematics only focuses on the relevant content for the 2021 HSC so all old questions from the older papers have been removed. 

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