NSW Y12 Random Variables

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Diagnostic Quizzes

  • Random Variables - Diagnostic Quiz 1

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    Download PDF here

The diagnostic quiz for Random Variables has been designed for a quick little revision quiz for the whole Random Variables topic. Each sub topic of Random Variables will be covered in the diagnostic quiz.

How to test yourself

  1. Download Quiz The best practice is to use a pen and paper. Use the Download Quiz button to print out the quiz and print it out. There will be plenty of room for working so complete the questions on the paper. This is how the school will give it to you so practice this was as well. You will need to submit your responses online after the quiz is finished but we highly recommend practicing by downloading the quiz.
  2. Complete online If you want to work through the diagnostic quiz "live", click the complete online button. This will give you the questions on the computer screen and you can work through the problem on a sheet of paper. Instantly, you can view the answer and submit your answers.

In both testing cases, you will need to submit your answers online for diagnostics. While both options are available, we recommend you put yourself in the "testing environment" by printing out the quiz.

Why do a Diagnostic Quiz?

  1. Test Understanding - If you have completed the entire topic at school, run through the diagnostic to make sure that you have not forgotton anything
  2. Revision / Test Preparation - The best way to identify which areas to focus on for an upcoming test or school quiz. If you are struggling in a particular subtopic in Random Variables, the diagnostic quiz will pick this up. This means that you can then go back to the topic quizzes and do additional practice in the right area.

Revision Quizzes

These revision quizzes on go through questions in Random Variables.

  • Continuous Probability Distributions - Revision Quiz 1

    Check your knowledge!
    Download PDF here
  • The Normal Distribution - Revision Quiz 1

    Check your knowledge!
    Download PDF here
  • The Standard Normal Distribution - Revision Quiz 1

    Check your knowledge!
    Download PDF here

*If you want to complete the quiz online, create a free account and complete online for instant results.

Check your answers for free online after you have completed the quiz. Use the QR or test code that is at the top of the topic quiz.

The following topic quizzes are part of the Random Variables topic. Each topic quiz contains 4-6 questions.

How to use:

  1. Learn to start the questions - if you have absolutely no idea where to start or are stuck on certain questions, use the fully worked solutions
  2. Additional Practice - test your knowledge and run through these topic quizzes to confirm learning and understanding
  3. Revision - If you have an upcoming quiz or test at school, quickly run through the topic quizzes as a quick revision

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