NSW Y11 Maths - Standard

New South Wales Year 11 Standard Maths Topics

Below are the topics that sit within New South Wales Year 11 Standard mathematics. When you click on a certain topic, you will be take to all the subtopics.


NSW Year 11 HSC Standard Content

Think the HSC was just for year 12? Did you know that approximately 40% of the Year 11 Standard course is tested in the HSC? 

If you want to explore the Year 11 Standard HSC resources, please click on the portal link. Here you will find

  • Past HSC Past Papers
  • Past HSC Questions broken down into sub-topics (great for year 11 topic finding)
  • Additional Practice HSC Papers written by Class Mathematics

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Syllabus Overview - Y11 Maths Standard

Year 11 Standard is broken down into subsections


This involves the use of symbols to represent numbers or quantities. Knowledge of algebra enables you to break down problems so they are simpler to solve.  You may wonder when and where algebra is used in every day life but as you will see, algebra allows you to develop your logical thought process to solve problems. 


Measurement allows you to solve very practical problems using numbers and geometry. Have you ever been sick? Have you ever needed to work out how much paint is required? What about when you own a swimming pool - how much water do you require? All these practical applications will be worked through in this topic. 

Financial Mathematics

Money, money and money. This topic really focuses on earning, spending, investing, saving and borrowing money. These skills are critical for the time when you leave school. If you are not already making decisions on your own finances, you will be very soon. This topic will look at all the scenarios that you may face over the coming years, especially when you leave school. 

Statistical Analysis

Probably the more difficult topic to get your head around in this course. However, once you understand the basics, it can be applied in all situations. Make sure that you really focus on statistical analysis because they are easy marks.

So in this topic, you will be looking at the collection, exploration, display, analysis and interpretation of data to identify and communicate key information. Information is often provided by 3rd parties so looking at interpretation of this is data enables you to understand and make decisions. 

Even when you submit your quizzes for assessment, you will be looking at your own data and making decisions on where to focus your attention. By understanding this data correctly will allow you spend less time studying maths - a win / win for you!

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