NSW Y10 Maths - 5.3

Class Mathematics has a huge number of resources for NSW Year 10 5.3 Mathematics. Within the NSW Year 10 5.3 portal, you will find

  1. Topic Quizzes - These quizzes, all with question, answers and fully worked solutions can be used for additional practice, revision or building your knowledge in the sub-topic area. 
  2. Diagnostic Quizzes - These quizzes are done at a topic level and are short quizzes to test for understanding of the entire topic. The diagnostic quizzes cover all the subtopic under a particular area. 
  3. Extended Response Questions - These are additional questions with longer type responses and take a bit more working to solve. 
  4. Videos - There are a lot of terrible videos out on the internet so we have cherry picked some useful ones for you to watch. In the senior cases, we have created our own light board videos

Our NSW10 Maths 5.3 course contains the following topics:



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