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With the Class Mathematics platform, you can make your learning journey easier. Maths concepts often build on each other, sometimes you need to go backwards before you can move forward- find any topic years 7-12 (aligned to your curriculum) with unlimited access to our resources.

How we can help?

  • All our questions, for each topic years 7-12, have fully worked solutions. Its not about doing thousands of questions, its about understanding the process with step-by-step solutions.
  • Multiple resources available for a deeper understanding, sourcing relevant videos to help explain concepts through a visual medium.
  • Unlimited access to our eBooks available for years 7-12. Our “smart coursebooks” are fully interactive. Catch up on lessons missed or concepts you don’t fully understand.
  •  Track your progress and gain confidence with our diagnostic tools. We provide the analytics for up to-the-minute information on exactly how you are performing and any areas that may require more focus.

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Go and check out your states curriculum. 

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This subscription allows you to access all answers and worked solutions.  It covers all current and future content that will be added to the platform for the next 12months and entitles unlimited downloads of our eBook ‘smart coursebooks’.


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Check out our Smart Coursebooks!

Available free as an eBook or for purchase if you prefer it ‘old school’ with a hard copy.

What makes it smarter than other books?

Our smart coursebooks are designed to be interactive and have brought together resources from different mediums for enhanced learning.

  • Answers- Click on the answer button to be taken straight to the question, answer and worked solutions online
  • QR Code - Scan the QR code to reveal the answer and worked solution
  • Video - Direct access to video tutorials for additional help
  • Theory - Theories and principles provided for relevant topics
  • Past year 12 questions - Direct access to past year 12 questions by subtopic, with answers and fully worked solutions (HSC, VCE, etc).

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Once subscribed, all our eBooks are free to download. To ensure that you always have latest content, we will send you an email when the updates of the ebook are available. 


Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I use Class Analytics on my mobile
A: Yep. The worked solutions may be a bit smaller than on the big screen but you can easily zoom in and out. 

Q: How much does it cost
A: Only $19.95 per year-Thats it! You get everything on the platform -questions, answers and fully worked solutions.

Q: Do you do online tutoring
A: Unfortunately not - we will leave that up to the experts.

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